Enemies Blair and Dan found their paths unexpectedly crossing on tonight's Gossip Girl. Interning at W Magazine together, Dan and Blair quickly realize they are the best interns and go to great lengths to prove their superiority over each other.

While Dan excels at the job, Blair resorts to some old tricks to get a head.


When Lynn Hirschberg cancels for the magazine's party, Dan and Blair scramble to find a replacement. However, they do set some ground rules.

Dan doesn't keep his word. When given the opportunity to make sure that Blair's author, Lorrie Moore, is kept from the party he takes it. Which is a shame, because Lorrie Moore is great! Dan's author, the fictional Jeremiah Harris played by the real Jay McInerney, does show up. Advantage Dan.

Blair soon discovers foul play afoot and confronts Dan about it.

While Blair and Dan are cleaning out their intern desks, Blair gives a heartfelt speech about ambition and hard work. This inspires Dan to call up the magazine, sully his own name, and ask for Blair's job back.


Hooray for Blair and her gainful unpaid labor!