Most tales of forbidden love on television go to great lengths to evoke sympathy from the audience. However, the forbidden love between Mr. Fitz and Aria on Pretty Little Liars continues to prompt head shaking and face palming.

Using Spencer's father's connections, Aria manages to score some prime tickets to an art opening in Philadelphia. To go to with Spencer, right? Not so fast, friends.


Having your friends call your teacher boyfriend by his name does not help the situation, Aria. Next, Aria goes to invite Mr. Fitz to the date during a make up examination.

That scene was confusing, but it is clear everyone involved is going to jail. Meanwhile, Hanna gets a note asking her to sabotage the date.

Due to some delinquent activity and a change of heart, Aria's mom never arrives at the exhibit to catch her daughter. If she had, she would have seen that Mr. Fitz pulls out all the stops when seducing his students.


While Aria is gallivanting around Philadelphia, her close friend Emily almost gets murdered in a pool.

The lesson of all this? Bad people go to art exhibits and good people are drowned.