Always full to the brim of lessons for Generation Entitled, tonight's Greek focused on the CRU alums and their quest to make it in the big, bad Real World outside the loving arms of a college campus.

Recently unemployed and living rent-free in Chateau Casey (who is also living rent-free in the KKG house as the House Mom), Ashley is learning just how "hard it is out there." After countless interviews and rejections, she is no closer to finding a job, and more importantly to Casey, no closer to finding her own apartment. Tensions between Case and Ash continue to mount, and the smell of battle (and smoking curling irons) is in the air. Finally, they face each other in a showdown that asks the inevitable question all those in possession of a Bachelor's Degree have struggled to answer: settle for the survival job or fight for the dream career?


And speaking of Fairy Tales, holy steam-scene between the Ross and Rachel of ABC Family. Will they or won't they? (Spoiler Alert: They most drunkenly will!):