This week's episode of The Bachelor may just be the most unintentionally funny episode yet. Figure 1: Brad dons enough makeup to look like a ken doll and gets hoisted up into the Cirque du Soliel stage (see above.)

Brad took the two Ashleys on a two-on-one date to decide which Ashley to cut from the bunch. Their date of choice? Flying in the air in a Cirque du Soleil show based around Elvis. When Ashley S. got rejected, she really took the news hard. So hard, the producers had minutes upon minutes of footage of her crying. That resulted in the most ridiculously-edited montage of a rejected bachelorette and an aerial-dance set to "Are You Lonesome Tonight" ever.


Brad also took the ladies on a group date to the Las Vegas NASCAR race track. Hmm, isn't there a bachelorette with a devastating backstory about a NASCAR race track? Oh right, there is. Between poor Emily being forced to be around the profession of her dead ex-husband and last week's seriously-staged dates (where two girls also "faced their deepest fears") it would appear that the producers have been doing some maniacal planning. But it's all for the sake of good TV, right?

Finally, we have Michelle's domination of Brad. No, really—it happened. She asked Brad to have a chat, shut the door behind her, and told him not to speak until after the rose ceremony. While this tactict was wild, it wasn't necessarily played out very well. In the end, we think Brad liked it. He liked it so much he gave Michelle the first rose! So now what? Crazy Michelle is a front-runner for Brad's heart? We think it just may be possible—a guy that dumb needs a smart lady to boss him around.