Happy Black History Month! You know Black History Month started today, right? Sure, sure. It's a special time of year when businesses across America honor diversity with watermelon lunches and sales on ham hocks. How is your workplace celebrating?

An embarrassing mass email from the boss? A cringeworthy note on the bulletin board? A sudden profusion of soul food in the company cafeteria? Or perhaps just a total lack of acknowledgment? There are as many ways to celebrate Black History Month as there are middle-aged white middle managers.

So please, share your best stories with us in the comments, or you can email them to me. We'll put together a list of the best ones! Which can then be used to inspire your boss for next year. This is the "dream" that Martin Luther King was talking about.

[Shout out to diversity correspondent commenter The Lone Scout. Photo: Black People Love Us]