Today at Gawker.TV, Fox and Friends is up in arms over a British Superman, Adam Scott hates working with attractive people, Katy Perry promotes her appearance on HIMYM, and Justin Bieber says the word "like" like, a lot.

Gawker.TV: The Five Best Videos Ever of the DayWatch How I Met Your Mother's SNL-Style Promos With Katy Perry
Katy Perry will guest star on How I Met Your Mother next week—just in case you hadn't already been told a million times already. She's rumored to play a love interest of Ted's, yet in all of the publicity stills is with Neil Patrick Harris.

Gawker.TV: The Five Best Videos Ever of the DayAdam Scott Complains About Working With Attractive People
On Late Night, Adam Scott talks his depression over working with A-list hotties like Megan Fox and Rob Lowe. What would seem like an escape to a smoking hot paradise is like being "covered in diarrhea" to Adam.

Gawker.TV: The Five Best Videos Ever of the DayFox and Friends Reacts to a British Superman, Brian Kilmeade Blames America
Fox & Friends talked about the newest actor to play Superman in a movie and—gasp—he's a Brit! As they delve deeper into this issue they realize that both Batman and Spiderman are played by British actors, too.

Gawker.TV: The Five Best Videos Ever of the DaySKINS Teenagers Continue to be Unlikeable Despite Their Tragic Pasts
You heard it last night: house music throbbing through your walls, wild shrieks coming from the street, the sound of clothing being shed. "It's the teenagers," you thought to yourself.


Gawker.TV: The Five Best Videos Ever of the DayHow Many Times Can Justin Bieber Say "Like" In an Interview?
In a recent interview on The Tonight Show, Justin Bieber said the word "like" a whopping 63 times. 63 times! In an 11-minute interview. That averages to about once every 11 seconds. This is what our youth looks up to?