Remember when every network was doing the workplace sitcom? Or a few years later when every comedian landed their own show? Then there was the reality show craze, after that the single-camera sitcom - now it's the "crazy indian" character.

NBC alone has five just on their Thursday night comedy lineup.

Rules Of Engagement's Timmy is constantly competing against David Spade for who has the least dignity. Timmy wears a little elf costume in this episode while a bunch of white women emasculate him. He wins. (above)

The Big Bang theory has Raj. He can't talk to girls and that's kind of the only other joke he's involved with other than being Indian.

NBC currently has 30 Rock's Jonathan.

The Office has the ditzy Kelly Kapoor.

And finally, here's a clip from Outsourced about how Indian people don't understand football. Shockingly, the punchline is that Indian people are good at medicine.

Sure these are sitcoms and they're playing characters, but maybe it's time for "multicultural" casts to have a comedic relief that isn't a brown person, right?

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