A New Jersey man is in critical condition after being bitten by his new pet, an albino Monocled Cobra, which he purchased over the weekend along with a rattlesnake and a copperhead. He thought the venom sacs had been removed.

According to The Record, 25-year-old Eric Bortz bought the three snakes in Pennsylvania over the weekend, and had been led to believe that at least the cobra's venom sacs were gone. The cobra bit Bortz on Monday afternoon, and by that night he was in the Bronx's Jacoby Hospital snake bite treatment unit having difficulty breathing. The Record adds that Bortz has a thing for scary pets: "Bortz had several other exotic pets in his home including a tarantula, a scorpion and a rabbit." An exotic rabbit? Okay, whatever. But what the hell is the allure of making pets out of every kind of poisonous animal you can get your hands on?

[Screengrab via NYDN]