Here's a little quiz: When your best friends from college call to invite you down to the bar right when you're in the middle of a relationship-building session of Wii Tennis with your new live-in girlfriend, which of the following is the appropriate course of action?

A. Pretend the call is from your sick grandmother and rush out of the house, calling, "This could be serious. Don't wait up!"

B. Hang up on them and resume your match—but not before you teasingly ask your girlfriend, "Baby, are you ever gonna let me win one?"

C. Hang up on them and then ask your girlfriend for permission to leave the house

If you answered A, B, or C, you should check out Fox's new series Traffic Light. It about three best bros at varying steps in their love lives who basically sneak off to the bar, hide in their cars, and indulge in three-way-speakerphone calls all in an effort to seek refuge from their significant others. In Mike's (David Denman) case, the S.O. is his type-A wife; in Adam's (Nelson Franklin) case, the S.O. is his newly-acquired roommate, his girlfriend; and in Ethan's (Kris Marshall) case, the S.O. is Carl. Carl, a fat little bulldog.

Traffic Light premieres tonight at 9:30/8:30c, only on Fox!