Singing Furby Justin Bieber has enlisted the help of Jersey Shore's The Situation and DJ Paulie D to make promos for his new 3D concert extravaganza Never Say Never. The results are terrifying.

Most of Bieber's fans are screaming tweenage girls, right? So then why is The Situation giving them a "Guide to Pimping" and teaching them that they should sit in the back of the movie theater so that they can get their groove on? This is a G-rated movie, but apparently the last few rows will be strictly PG-13.

The saddest thing though is what happened to DJ Paulie D's hair. He gave himself Bieber bangs instead of his trademark blow out.

I always thought that DJ Paulie (3)D would be even hotter with a new hairstyle, but clearly I was wrong. And those clothes! He looks like Andre the Giant sitting in a kindergartner's chair. What is up with Bieber's outfit in this clip? Why is he wearing a pearl necklace? DJ Paulie D must have given it to him. Yeah, I bet that's it. DJ Paulie D gave Justin Bieber a pearl necklace. It's the only explanation.

Apparently Bieber has also made promos with other celebs like Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Diddy, and Jay Leno. Oh, yeah, Leno is really going to get the kids out to this movie. Isn't his show on past their bedtime?