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Army Truck in Egypt Runs Over Protesters
The situation in Egypt is becoming increasingly more chaotic each day as evidenced by videos like this.

Watch a Weather Channel Reporter Freak Out During Chicago's Storm
Here, Weather Channel personality Jim Cantore, reporting from the streets in Chicago last night, gets startled by some thundersnow. His reaction is appropriately crazy.

The Geekiest Gang Fight Ever
These guys are so hardcore, they don't need guns. Nope, a simple lightsaber will do the trick just fine. Includes some NSFW language.

The Full McBain Movie Hidden Throughout Simpsons Epsiodes
Every Simpsons fan worth his or her weight in the yellowy gold color of those animated characters, knows and loves the character of McBain. He is the ultra-macho, Schwarzenegger-like hero who's ongoing movie clips show up periodically during episodes.

Weatherman Has Phallic Slip-Up On Air
This Canadian weather channel anchor suggests that you grab something hot and inappropriate to keep you warm in this cold, nasty weather.

The Faster Way to Make a Snow Angel involves Throwing Children
Although the parents seem to think this is an adorable and less arduous process compared to the old school, flailing limbs type snow angel...this kid clearly does not look pleased.

The Greatest Miniature Golf Shot of All Time
Take one pink golf ball, one water fountain for it to float atop, one putter to strike it with, and one person to do said striking, and what do you have? You have the greatest putt-putt shot of all time.

Come Adopt a Cat at "Kitty Midnight Madness"
While it may not actually be a real event, this commercial for an all-night kitten sale makes me wish it were. Buy one kitten, get 5 free-you can't pass up a deal like that!

Riders Trapped While Poor Girl Throws Up Uncontrollably on Roller Coaster
What's worse? Throwing up on a roller coaster while someone videotapes you or sitting next to someone throwing up on a roller coaster while someone videotapes you?

Dazed and Confused in 120 Seconds
Everyone loves cult high school film Dazed and Confused. Luckily, some Fresh Prince of Bel Air-sounding guy has written a speedy rap summarizing the movie. Listen, and relive your memories.

Here is Michael Scott Meeting David Brent For the First Time
A longtime dream of many Office fans was realized this evening as two titans of industry finally happened upon each other in a hallway. The Gervais/Carell team up was exactly as glorious as you'd expect.

Katie Couric: "Can You Explain What Internet Is?"
Here's a recently re-discovered oldie-and goodie!-to show how far technology has come in the last two decades. Watch this Today Show clip from 1994, featuring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel's complete confusion about what, exactly, the Internet is.

Strong Winds Force Rugby Kick Back Through Goal Post Like a Boomerang
A rugby player sets up to kick what looks to be a pretty easy three point attempt, but the wind clearly has other plans in mind. Will the points still count?

Car Leaves Fire Tracks in Awesome Parking Lot Peel Out
A group of drivers gathered to show off their most badass peel outs. Watch as one car sets the competition ablaze.

Watch a Shaolin Monk Throw a Needle Through Glass at 1000 Frames Per Second
We've all heard the expression a needle in a haystack, but what about a needle through a piece of glass? Sounds impossible? Watch this.

Cat Seeks Refuge From Playful Companion in Plastic Fortress
Here's a cat video to trump all other cat videos (until the next great cat video, at least). Watch as the kitten, Caro, attempts to extract the bigger cat, Miho, from a plastic fortress. Caro just wants to play!

Hail Storm Destroys the Car of Amateur Storm Chasers
Driving into a severe hailstorm is all fun and games until someone loses an eye, so make sure you "shield your eyes!" if you attempt this on your own.

This 1 Minute Video Will Make You Hate Winter Forever
If you're not already completely bummed out by the snow and cold weather, watch this.

Slow Motion Dachshund Puppy Plays in Snow
Last week we met the adorable Iso for a slow motion game of fetch. This week Iso returns to frolic in the snow in slow motion. Or, snow motion.

Talented Beatboxer Goes Through the History of Hip Hop
Watch French beatboxer EKLIPS cycle through decades of hip-hop in this electrifying performance. Can you name all the songs he samples?

What if Pixar's Up Was Made in the 1960s?
See old of footage Spencer Tracy, Kirk Douglas, and even a low-tech Kevin the bird spliced together by Ivan Guerrero to create this impressive live-action "premake" of Up.

Playing XBox Kinect Could Lead to Accidental Child Abuse
Here you have all the ingredients for a disaster - a very physical video game, an intensely focused dad, and a little kid whose face just happens to be within accidental smacking range.

What if Seinfeld Was a Dramatic Movie About World Takeover?
There will probably never be a Seinfeld movie, but this is a good consolation! Here's a fake-and incredibly impressive-trailer for Jerry the Great, about Seinfeld's desire to take over the world.

Watch a Very Thirsty Plant Return to Life Before Your Eyes
This time-lapse video shows a dehydrated plant completely revived in thirty minutes after being watered.

Don't Interrupt This Kid When He's Making a Sandwich
This kid takes the art of sandwich making seriously and wants to show the world his love for turkey and cheese on toast. It turns out he also knows how to make a knuckle sandwich.

Mischievous Kangaroo Kicks Unsuspecting Bystander Into Lake
Moral of the story: never turn your back on a kangaroo.

How to Do Almost Anything Faster
Are you busy? Would some extra time each day help you? If so, then watch the following-massive!-compilation of tips/tricks for getting things done faster, from tying shoelaces, to wrapping tangle-free cords, to peeling potatoes, and so much more!

Is This School Bus Driver Fearless or Just an Idiot?
Don't try this at home! Actually, don't try it anywhere-ever. Anyway, here's a four-minute video of a Nicaraguan school bus driver literally fording a raging river. Twice!