We think it is! Just two unlikable people doing the hosting and music playing. Also today: Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be headed to Gotham, find out who's hot this pilot season, and the last days of Friday Night Lights.

Oh awesome! I can't wait to watch the February 12th episode of NBC's long-running movie promotion series Saturday Night Live. You know who's going to be on it??? Well, Russell Brand will host and world's gentlest singer Chris Brown will perform!!! Oh gosh-a-roonies doesn't that sound like the best night of hilarious comedy and wonderful music ever? I know some of you will debate me on Russell Brand, but I find him to be annoying far more often than he is funny. Plus his presence increases the Katy Perry cameo factor to precariously high levels. And Chris Brown, well... I just really hated him in Takers. That's why I dislike him. Are there other things he's said or done that should make me dislike him? I'm sure there can't be. Nothing homophobic or violent, I'm sure. Nothing like that. I just didn't like him in Takers. Don't get me wrong, Takers as a whole is a brilliant film about taking, but Chris Brown just rubbed me the wrong way. Anyway, what a hellacious evening of SNL guests, huh? [EW]

Oh great. They're rebooting the Fletch movie series. Hollywood: Land of Ideas! [THR]

All across Tinseltown, couches are crashed on, apartments are sublet, and cars are borrowed. Why? Because it's pilot season! Yes, every actor looking for a job on television is, or at least ought to be, in LA right now, as the casting offers go out and people's dreams are made. Of course, the little people have it a lot harder than the big names that Hollywood is slobbering over. Who are they into this year? Well: Kyle Chandler, Jason Isaacs, Becki Newton, Jason Bateman, Debra Messing, Ali Larter, Daniel Sunjata, James Spader, Lizzy Caplan, and Katee Sackhoff, for example. Those are people with more than a few offers. Plus long-shot movie stars are being courted, people like Naomi Watts (yeah right), Julianne Moore (only on HBO or Showtime), Kim Basinger (can't be much of a long-shot, right?), Maria Bello (I'd say only premium channels except for maybe FX or AMC), Ryan Phillipe (same, plus TNT), Kerry Washington (anything major except USA), and Susan Sarandon (HBO only?). Good luck, casting people! I dunno. With a few of these people — Ali and Kim specifically — you have to wonder if their agents threw their names in the mix just to make them seem in demand. That's mean, I know. But it's just how I feel. [Deadline]

Funny bearded fellow Zach Galifianakis has been cast alongside Ryan Reynolds in the morbid drama R.I.P.D., about a murdered police officer (Reynolds) who goes to work for the Rest In Peace Department, a group of ghosts that polices other ghosts. Galfianakis will play his partner, who has been ghost hunting since the 19th century. I'm just kidding, it's not a drama. It's a documentary. [THR]

Groovy sexcat Joseph Gordon-Levitt may soon be reteaming with his Inception director Christopher Nolan. Yes, he is rumored to be in negotiations to take a part in The Dark Knight Rises, the ever developing final movie in Nolan's dark, operatic tale of a crazy person who has sex with a bat one night and then the bat has a baby and it's half-bat, half-baby and then it grows up and becomes a man-bat and everyone's like "Ewww," but they don't sing songs about it because this isn't Batboy: The Musical, this is Batman, a dark, operatic tale of a mutant cave monster who nobody likes except for Katie Holmes. There's a rumor afoot that Gordon-Levitt would play a villain named Hugo Strange. Knowing nothing of the weird ways of the Bat People, I can't comment on the appropriateness of that casting. [Deadline]

Yay!/Weep. NBC has set the premiere date for the final season of the best drama they've had in a long, long time, Friday Night Lights. It's actually one of the best dramas on TV in a long while. It's just very good. Well, you have until April 15th to catch up on the previous four seasons. Then say goodbye to Dillon, TX with the rest of us non-DirectTV-havers (the final season already aired on the satellite provider this past fall) and be sad. Well, I won't be sad. Tim Riggins, Matt Saracen, and I are set to be triple-married this June on a small South Pacific island where such a marriage is legal. So, I'll be fine. But you guys will be sad ): [TV Line]

The William & Kate lady clam-jam movie that will be airing on Lifetime: Television for HR Associates has found its Kate! An unfriendly looking actress named Camilla Luddington has won the part, which Daniel Radcliffe had secretly desperately wanted to play. [THR]

Woody Allen's next movie, Midnight in Paris, will open this year's Cannes film festival. This is the one with Carla Bruni in it! Exciting. [Deadline]