It's become fairly apparent that Rupert Murdoch's UK tabloid News of the World used to hack into people's phones on a regular basis in order to get stories. But nobody wants to take the blame! Instead, we get endless lawsuits.

Just this month, former NOTW editor Andy Coulson resigned as David Cameron's communications chief due to this very scandal. Though he still maintains his innocence! And since no one from Rupert Murdoch on down is willing to stand up and acknowledge what went on, the people whose phones were hacked will just keep on suing, forever. From the NYT today:

[Nicola Phillips, press agent for a lady who sexed up Ralph Fiennes]'s lawsuit is just one of many. Among the celebrities suing or considering suing are Ms. Miller; her stepmother, the interior designer Kelly Hoppen; the actor Steve Coogan; a sports agent named Skylet Andrew; and Chris Tarrant, the host of Britain's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." At least a half-dozen more public figures have consulted lawyers and are said to be preparing suits.

By the time all these lawsuits are settled Rupert Murdoch will have long ago turned to dust, which is the idea.