Dave Morin is among the luckiest guys in Silicon Valley. After a stint as an Apple college rep, he joined Facebook right before it blew up. Then Google offered $100 million for his obscure startup—and Morin rejected it.

If 31-year-old Morin wants to try and double down on his good fortune, well, that's his prerogative, but it's hard to fathom his reasoning. Path, the intimate social network he started after leaving Facebook, counts its users in the hundreds of thousands, versus Facebook's hundreds of millions. It's tiny, and few people outside of Silicon Valley have heard of it. Which is why it's surprising that Path turned down a $100 million acquisition offer from Google, and took an $8.5 million funding round instead. What?

It's enough to make you wonder if all Morin's partying in the tropics—Camp Cyrpus in the Mediterranean, the "Summit Series" in Cancun, and the Maldives where Morin elaborately proposed to his Googler girlfriend—has left him with sunstroke. Granted, the University of Colorado alum seems like a smart and hard working guy, having co-invented the wildly successful Facebook platform and started an internet design business in college. So he's probably being a touch modest when he calls himself "unbelievably fortunate" and "lucky." But being too good for $100 million from Google? Unbelievable, even by golden boy standards.

[Photo of Morin by Loic Le Meur/Flickr]