Remember when Obama said a transition from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's government had to begin "now"? Looks like he really meant now. The White House is reportedly talking to Cairo about a plan that would have Mubarak resign immediately.

The New York Times reports the plan currently under discussion would put Vice President Omar Suleiman in charge of a transitional government effective ASAP. What would happen to Mubarak? He's previously promised he would die on Egyptian soil, but it might be wise if he took a post-ouster trip to Disneyland Paris, like Tunisia's president did after the revolution there. (Disney should start offering special package deals for fallen Mideast dictators.)

Mubarak has shown no sign of budging on his own plan to serve the rest of his term, then retire in September. So who, exactly, are White House officials talking to about Mubarak's immediate resignation? Is Mubarak's head general is ducking out of cabinet meetings to whisper into a phone booth to Joe Biden? Things are going to get awkward once Mubarak reads this Times article.