Crapola purveyor Wal-Mart is locked in a contentious battle over its efforts to infiltrate NYC. But the company's representatives couldn't be bothered to attend a City Council hearing about Wal-Mart yesterday. Probably because Wal-Mart's already supported by literally everyone.

The company said it skipped the hearing yesterday because of "the fact that it ignores the hundreds of similarly sized stores that exist in the city today." What they modestly left out (the New York Post fills us in) is that even union members love, love, love Wal-Mart, so why argue about it?

Three-quarters of city residents who wear the union label favor having Walmart open its big-box stores in the Big Apple, according to a new poll prepared for the retail giant.

The poll showing overwhelming union-member support for Walmart is a pre-emptive strike against the labor-friendly City Council.

So a poll commissioned by Wal-Mart...shows overwhelming support by union members for the staunchly anti-union Wal-Mart... in order to counter the will of the City Council... which is friendly to unions... which love Wal-Mart.

Makes sense to me.

[Photo: AP]