Volkswagen - The Force

Volkswagen - "Black Beetle"


HomeAway - "Minister of Detourism"

Go Daddy - "New Girl" (Teaser)

Go Daddy - "The Contract"


GM/Chevy/Transformers 3 - "Bumblebee"

Doritos - "Best Part" - "The Reviews Are In" - "Go First"

Careerbuilder - "Parking Lot"

Hyundai Elantra - "Car Wash"

Coca Cola

Pepsi Max - "Love Hurts"

Pepsi Max - "Torpedo Cooler" ("Crash the Super Bowl" contest)

Audi - "Goodnight"

Bud Light - "Office Bike-A-Thon" (Teaser)

Audi - "Release the Hounds" (Teaser)

Bridgestone - "Reply All" (Teaser)

Snickers (Teaser)