Friday means movie releases! So if you feel like braving the elements to check one out, here are your options. There's a mumblecore mystery, a drama about Natalie Portman being sad, a spelunking adventure, and sexy roommate thrills.

Cold Weather

This mumblecore thriller tells the tale of a wayward young(ish) man who, in the search for missing ex-girlfriend, becomes an accidental detective. There's even a mumblecore slow car chase! (NY, LA next week)

The Other Woman

This Don Roos movie features Natalie Portman as the, well, other woman who actually ends up marrying the guy she's having an affair with. Then their baby dies of SIDS and she has to cope with that. Seems cheery! Lisa Kudrow is in it, at least. She should be in all the things. (Limited release)

The Roommate

Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bridget Fonda star in this thriller about a woman whose roommate becomes obsessed with her to the point of murderous violence. Right? (Wide)


Try to read this title and not think about rectums. Just try. It's impossible. The movie is about dark, scary caves. Appropriate! (Wide)

Waiting for Forever

American cutie Rachel Bilson and British cutie Tom Sturridge star in this sappy tweesplosion about a boy who is "different" and the undifferent girl he loves. Twinkly music ensues. (Limited)