Maya Gilsey, the college student hounded by an angry mob on link-sharing site Reddit who thought she was a scammer, shaved her head yesterday to raise money for kids' cancer treatment. She raised $9,000, and Reddit helped.

"I really like it!" she said of her new hairdo.

Gilsey told us that before losing her hair at the "Clips for Cancer" event yesterday on her college's campus she raised $9,000 for Golisano Children's Hospital Children's hospital and "I am still receiving donations today." $5,000 of that came in just yesterday, after a Reddit moderator posted about the incident and encouraged the same users who wrongly thought she was a scammer to donate as a sign of goodwill. Good job, Reddit. That was nice of you.

Now we can reveal that we were in cahoots with Gilsey all along to create a fake scandal on Reddit and increase the amount of money she raised. Joke! Kidding! Not true!

If you'd like to retroactively sponsor Gilsey's hair loss you can still do it here.

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