While most of America was glued to Fox for the duration of the night, there were others of us that spent the evening watching cute little puppies playing on a fake football field. Not that we're complaining!

This year's set of young pups were just as cute—if not cuter than—last year's set of "players." This year, hamsters still controlled the aerial blimp and there were still a group of dedicated dog-fans "tailgating" outside of the "arena." I should also note that the cheerleaders got an upgrade (?) from the overly-exhausted-yet-cute bunnies to the cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. Believe it.

In the end, it was CB who was declared the MVP (which in this case, stands for Most Valuable Puppy.) His description underneath his name on the Animal Planet simply says "loves the Sunday crossword puzzle." An MVP and an intellectual! Which pup was your favorite?

And in the case that you prefer little kitties to puppies, there was a "Kitty Halftime Show" that lasted nearly ten minutes for the feline-lovers out there. If you'll notice in the clip, the announcer calls for a "Grand Finale" and the cats continue to lay around, doing nothing special. Boooring.


Keep in mind that the 2011 Puppy Bowl lasted two whole hours so this is just a sampling of the "action" and an attempt at including footage of each of the dogs. Additionally, if you're looking for each of the lil' puppy's stats and biographies, check out the Official Starting Lineup over at Animal Planet.