I think we can all agree that this week's Saturday Night Live was pleasing to both "SNL purists" and those who love the show in its current incarnation.

Dana Carvey was the gracious host of a night that felt both old and new. He brought back some of his famous characters—and former cast-mates—but the show stayed current by involving Justin Bieber in more than one sketch. Thank goodness that Church Lady had a full sketch last night or there would have been some disheartened fans. Chuch Lady interviewed the Kardashian sisters, Bobby Moynihan as Snooki, and the actual Justin Bieber.

How excited were you to find the logo for Aurora, Illinois' Cable 10 network in place of the usual political cold open? Wayne's World returned—party time, excellent, etc... What have the two been up to? Garth has pubes still. Wayne lets us know that a monkey literally flew out of his butt since we saw him last. The two then discussed the upcoming Oscars and gave us jokes about Winter's Bone (heh) and on Black Swan: "She's so hot, I could make a Mila out of her Kunis." On Anne Hathaway? "Anne Hath-a-way of giving be a bone." Nice to have you back, guys—how about another movie?

Mike Meyers wasn't the only SNL alum that came back for Dana Carvey's episode. Jon Lovitz appeared in Carvey's monologue, in which the two sang about how the cast from "86-93" was the best cast that SNL ever had.