With the impending sale of Bass Industries, Chuck tries to insert himself in the company's business. Coincidentally, he has also been inserting himself into the daughter of the man buying Bass Industries. What a tangled business web Chuck has woven.

Mostly, Chuck's relationship with Raina has been enjoyable. Unfortunately, her obligations to her father's company get in the way of their alone time.

Chuck decides to put on a show to gain Raina's trust and show her how important parts of Bass Industries are to him. A well-timed phone ruse with Blair shows Raina that Chuck can be earnest when it comes to the important things in his life.


Later, during the show's weekly party, Raina's father reveals that Chuck kept Raina away from an important vote. Chuck feels very bad about this since he developed very real feelings for Raina.

That is the way it always goes on the TV. You try a charade or long con and develop real feelings for the mark. If only Blair Waldorf could patch everything up.


Man, between helping out Chuck Bass and having the number one movie in America, is there anything Leighton Meester/ her fictional counterparts cannot do? There are probably many things, but in terms of helping the love life of Chuck Bass, she is super effective.