Tonight was all about youth and the many forms it can take. We saw people attempting to navigate the obstacles that come with it, others trying to hold onto it, and others still who have gotten far away from it.

Even the show itself was clawing on to pop cultural relevancy for dear life, with so many references it was like listening to a parent talk after they've gotten a hold of their very first issue of US. Right out of the gate tonight, were two references to the Jersey Shore. That Pledge Kid dropped "smushing" and Calvin made a Snooki funny, but it didn't end here.

As Rusty tries to piece together the night before and find his soul mate, aka and of course, the girl he sloppily made out with at a fraternity party while blacked out, we get references to One Tree Hill, Little Miss Sunshine, and a totally weird and inappropriate one to Dateline's To Catch a Predator.

In the meantime, Katherine has a "taken a lover." His name is Walter and one day he hopes to be a Kindergarten teacher. Yes, her mysterious man of the night tis' Beaver himself. Finally he is coming out of his shell and it's a truly beautiful thing. So that's happening, and Casey and Katherine give a lesson in the many different kinds of birth control options and side effects (Proceed with caution: bloating and vaginal are both words that are used here):

[There was a video here]

That weird face Casey is making is because – surprise!- she might be pregnant after she gave up her drunken "Fairy Tale" to Cappy. She does get the Morning After Pill, but that pesky ol' Baby Threat remains. Naturally, a situation arises in which she and Cappy find themselves babysitting. Just like in real life, two irresponsible college students test the waters of adulthood by babysitting a pack of children. In another seriously great reference, Cappy promises that he can handle a pregnancy scare "better than Elizabeth Shue can handle her career." It's a sad day indeed for Elizabeth, when Scott Michael Foster is bagging on her career.

But alas, it turns out that "being a parents sucks." Duh. Because they didn't have any fun caring for children, it means that Casey and Cap probably shouldn't be together. Despite all this unprotected sex, Casey isn't having any fun. She's sick of being the adult all the time while Cappy gets to be the child. Poor Cappy. Well there's always next week…or is there?!

[There was a video here]

Earlier in the show, and in a brief fork in the plot, Ashley turns to Rebecca for guy advice. Last week, we left her getting scammed on by Casey's law professor. Which, I guess we're all adults now so sure, that's fine. But it still felt like something had gone awry; like, no matter how much ABC Family allowed the purchasing of emergency contraceptives, something a little too To Catch a Predator was going on. So when she told Rebecca she had met and kissed someone, we assumed it was the Predator.

But then…TWIST! The mystery girl turns out to be none other than Ashley, and her "Pedro" is Rusty. Next Monday has never seemed so far away.

If you haven't been a regular watcher, there has never been a better time to start. The show was just added to Instant Watch on Netflix, and as we are quickly approaching the LAST SEMESTER EVER at Cyprus Rhodes, and I highly suggest you do your best to catch up before it's too late.