Attention, whites: you're losing. Losing your country! Just as all the redneck politicians predicted! According to the latest numbers, diversity is destroying America's greatest traditions: whites are now less than half of all three year-olds.

Not only have whites lost the War of the Three Year-Olds—they're on their way to losing the entire War of the School-Age Children. "Nationally, whites accounted for 58.8 percent of all school enrollment in 2009...That was down from 64.6 percent in 2000." Whites have lost 5.8% in only nine years. At this rate they will fall out of school enrollment dominance by 2013—or faster, if the paltry white birth rate loses ground to the rapid, unstoppable birthrate of the seething non-white hordes.

Get to fucking, whites. You're losing. Losing. Losing!

[NYT. Photo: Shutterstock]