Something fishy is happening on Pretty Little Liars and the girls want to get to the bottom of it. Getting a break from her usual terrorizer, Aria thinks something is up with her parents. Perhaps, they are reuniting?

With both her parents being unusually chipper, Aria recognizes something out of the ordinary. She must get to the bottom of it.

Chad Lowe should get the bottom of what has been keeping his older brother so youthful looking. Looking at the Lowe brothers, you would not think that Chad is the younger of the two.


Anyway, Aria and Hanna decide to follow Aria's dad to see what his secret is. He and Aria's mother are reuniting. They also find some clues about who has been on their trail, or so they think.

So, instead of discovering who exactly is making their lives a living heck, the girls find acquaintance Caleb. He has been living in the high school at night and raiding the vending machines for sustenance.


Finally, A does strike a blow against Hanna and Aria's friendship by sending a text message that spurs Hanna to tell Aria about almost revealing her illegal relationship to her parents.

For someone who is dating her English teacher, Aria is being a little too self-righteous.