This week's Drag Race was all about fitness as the queens were challenged to design workout outfits, create signature exercises and show off their best assets on the runway. The fitness theme also served to further isolate the show's three plus sized contestants, Mimi, Stacey and the delightfully named Delta Work.

So far this season, size has been a prominent issue, with the thinner queens often making snarky marks about the larger contestants. It's interesting to see how the world of popular drag has changed. Many of us rubes imagine drag queens as these campy Divine-like figures who are large in both personality and size. Mimi Imfurst definitely embodies this perception, though, from the way she is received by the other drag queens, you can tell that her style is a fading one.

Ultimately, Mimi's old school shtick lands her in the bottom two along with India Ferrah. The other two plus sized queens do surprisingly well, especially when you consider that the guest judge is 90's fitness guru, fat hater and noted Gabourey Sidibe-lecturer Susan Powter.


The bottom two lip sync for their lives and Mimi ends up getting the boot. The reason for her elimination, refreshingly, has nothing to do with her size or campiness. Rather it has to do with the fact that she became a big jerk on the runway and was physically aggressive towards her competition.

With Stacey and Delta performing so well, let's hope that size becomes less of an issue as the season continues. I, for one, would like to get back to wondering how on earth they keep their fake boobs adhered to their chests and what the average queen's wig budget is-you know, the REAL issues of Drag Race.