TMZ is reporting that cocaine golem Lindsay Lohan, the troubled actress who's been in and out of both jail cells and rehab over the past few years, is in talks to get a major role in the new Superman movie currently in the works at Warner Bros. If this is true, it would be surprising!

Getting Lohan involved in a major role (not Lois Lane) in a big tentpole film could be something of a risk given her rather notorious behavior and her reportedly high insurance rate. They're not going to want to slow down a whole huge production to wait while Lindsay figures herself out after a long night at 1Oak or whatever. I mean, she got dropped from a small movie about a porn star that could have really benefited from Lohan's star appeal. Do we think the Superman machine really needs Lindsay Lohan enough to make it worth their while?

This is all to say that I'm dubious, highly dubious, about this claim. Lohan is maybe due for something of a comeback, but I don't see it being in a big movie like this. And make the Robert Downey Jr. comparison all you want, but in the lead-up to landing Iron Man Downey Jr. had been plodding away likably in movies like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Zodiac, and Good Night, and Good Luck. He'd proven himself ready. Lohan, meanwhile, has been in Labor Pains and Machete. Not quite the same thing. Plus, she's still on the hook for stealing a necklace. Superman would not approve.

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