Well okay, then! Last night on How I Met Your Mother, we're (pretty sure) that the show's biggest mystery was finally solved. But first, let's take a look at Katy Perry's stint on the show.

Katy played Zoey's cousin whom the whole gang refers to as "Honey" because she's so naieve you can't help but say "Oh, Honey!" to her insipid remarks. To Barney, a girl this dumb is the jackpot. He ends up bringing her home, only to collapse into tears when she asks him "Who's your Daddy?"

So what did everyone think about Katy Perry's foray into acting? Click through the gallery for more clips that contain spoilers about the show's possible-mother.


Early in the episode, Ted realizes he's in love with Zoey when his hand brushes against hers. He throws an intervention for himself and asks his pals for some advice. Robin suggests he "shut down his emotions," so Ted tells Zoey he can't hang out with her anymore—because Lily hates him. Who passes it on to Robin, who passes it on to Marshall—who's away from everything in Minnesota and is hearing all of these stories over the phone. Based on a series of phone calls, Marshall figures it all out. Above, he breaks it down for you.

Here's the mushy, chick-flick-esque, happy ending for Ted. We have a few thoughts:


  • Are Ted and Zoey both so annoying that they simply deserve each other?
  • Did you like Marshall's involvement in this scene or was it totally overstepping friendship bounds?
  • How is it that Zoey and The Captain got magically divorced—when Ted's relationship with Stella focused entirely around her extra emotional baggage from Tony?
  • How good of a friendship could Zoey, Robin, and Lily have if none of them knew about her divorce?
  • Do you finally believe Zoey to be "the mother" now? Can I perform my "I told you so" dance yet?