Different cities hosted different portrayals of Bozo the Clown. Chicago's Bob Bell created a character that inspired Dan Castellaneta's interpretation of Krusty the Clown on The Simpsons. Meanwhile WIllard Scott's Bozo morphed into who we now know as Ronald McDonald.

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The last episode in the PBS series The Pioneers Of Television focuses on local kids programming. The memory of sitting in front of the TV while eating breakfast is one that sticks with you forever. Whether is was Sesame Street, Bozo the Clown, Mr. Rogers, Romper Room or Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids there is something so special about the messages we received. Early local daytime TV was considered unprofitable so many hosts were given free reign to do whatever they thought was entertaining. But they began gaining popularity and many characters became sponsors for fast food and children's cereals, that is until the Action For Children's Television cracked down on it. This installment also tells the story of Jim Henson's rise to fame, including how he made his puppets so life-like, as well as the huge impact other local kids shows made that you may not have even known about.

The Pioneers Of Television airs tonight at 8pm ET/PT.