Experts who support the new health care law haven't been able to sway public opinion much with the drab language of health economics. So now they'll just make a comic book — sorry, graphic novel — about it and see if that does the trick. You love comic books and movies about comic books, don't you, America? Well just wait until the comic book ethos is applied to such sexy topics as risk pooling and the medical-loss ratio, by an MIT economist author!

The Boston Herald reports:

The MIT economics whiz who crafted President Obama's national health-care overhaul now plans to explain the complex and controversial plan to the masses - in one long comic book.

Jonathan Gruber, a nationally recognized health economist who devised the economic underpinnings of Obamacare (Gruber hates the term), said his three comic-loving kids encouraged him to use the hip format of the graphic novel - basically an expensive comic published in book form - to tell the story of the complicated plan to 300 million Americans.

Gruber's big comic book, however, "won't have a superhero like Batman or Captain America or a villain like the Joker." How do they expect to make this into a movie later on, then? These economists know nothing about the real world.

[Image via AP]