Last night's Bachelor sent two seemingly-decent choices for Brad home crying. But we'll get to that later. First up, the group date: where repelling is the game once again—but this time, it's being done in tropical paradise. Jackie was having a really hard time going for it (and wishing Brad would give her a little help) but Brad waited for Michelle, as they "made a promise" to only repel with each other ever again. Because being forced to rappel down buildings happens all of the time.

After the group date, Brad was feeling oh-so-confused and didn't award any of the ladies with a rose. Check out their utter devastation at the news.

Then there was this episode with a bug. Some ladies were easily upset by this gigantic beetle-thing and screamed to the high heavens.


There was probably nothing more tragic in this episode than the dismissal of Alli. She waited the entire season to go on a date with Brad only to be sent home, roseless at the end of the date.

At the end, it came down to Michelle or Jackie. Brad gave the rose to Michelle. Ouch, son.