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Here' s a new trailer for Disney's Prom, a movie all about the one night of your life when you can feel special and carefree and perfect. It's all downhill after the prom, for sure. The movie seems a bit like a teen version of ensemble comedies like—shudder—Valentine's Day.

That's Friday Night Lightser Aimee Teegarden as the girl who doesn't get asked to the prom by the cute jock she's hoping will ask her, but does, of course wind up meeting a sensitive bad boy who will, presumably, become the fella of her dreams. There also appears to be a plotline about a boy who might get lucky and another boy who's a sweet nerd who can't work up the courage to ask a girl to the dance properly. Throw in a few peripheral comic characters and there's your movie. This isn't aiming to be Prom: Mississippi or anything, it doesn't seem, so don't expect to see gay kids rallying for dates rights or anything. It doesn't seem to have any more ambition than to be a silly gewgaw about, again, what is the last chance one has for joy in one's life. PROM!