By Leah Beckmann — Tonight's foray into the self-esteem building activity that is pageantry, revealed that there is indeed truth behind an adage as old as the great Redwoods: fart jokes are funny!

Tammy, the supreme Fartstress and mother of pageant contestant, Isabella, used her fart-making powers (including SIX different kinds of farts) to get her baby diva to laugh. Welcome Isabella! She enjoys cheerleading, acting, and a variety of farts.

While an endless parade of fart jokes graced this episode, so did another ancient myth: that of the mystical Mean Girl. Enter Eden Wood, Queen of the Province of Arkansas. Her mother's reality TV show, Pruning the Garden of Eden, is in the works and will premiere on TLC next year.


While this episode was supposed to feature Mercedes, Tiffany, and Isabella, they were thrust into the dark shadow that was cast across the Holiday Inn by the enormous crown resting atop Queen Eden's fair head. Her influence on these poor minions is truly remarkable; fear and chaos are left in her wake. Her very presence prompts Mothers and Fathers (Mercedes' specifically) to "pop an extra [anti-anxiety] pill," while others will wait in line for her autograph for days. In summary, you can think of this episode as a subtle plug for Mean Girls 3.