Here's a trailer for this summer's X-Men prequel (sort of?), X-Men: First Class, about what went down when Professor X and Magneto first got together and built their mutant school and stuff. It looks surprisingly good?

I mean, the special effects look like they still need a little work (the Mystique transformation especially), but the look is sleek and dark enough that one hopes it won't devolve into X-Men: The Last Stand-style fluffernutter. I would watch James McAvoy (Professor X) look like a phonebook and be happy, plus there's sexy slinky Jennifer Lawrence (as Mystique), A Single Man's Nicholas Hoult as a hair-free Beast, and the vulpine Michael Fassbender as a dashing young Magneto. Something of note is that there is nary a glimpse in this trailer of January Jones as Emma Frost, the disaster casting that your typical American Everynerd has been up in arms about. (At least I don't see her, do you?)

All told, this minute and fifty seconds leaves me wanting to see more. Which I guess is the whole point. So, you may proceed, X-Men: First Class. I have given you my blessing.