Ha, check out this zinger unleashed by short billionaire Michael "Mike" Bloomberg:

When speaking before the American Irish Historical Society Wednesday, the mayor recalled regularly spotting St. Patrick's Day revelers enjoying themselves with a drink or two. "Normally, when I walk by this building there are a bunch of people that are totally inebriated hanging out the window waving," he said. As the crowd began to react with a mix of laughs and jeers, the mayor continued: "I know, that's a stereotype of the Irish. But nevertheless we Jews from around the corner think this."

Ha, extra burn for delivering that line to the American Irish Historical Society! If he'd said that at the St. Patrick's Day parade he probably would have gotten hit with flying Guinness bottles, but in this case all the soused potato-peelers could do was hurl books and mutter incomprehensibly (in that brogue). Bloomberg has since explained that he was only referring to how Irish people get drunk and hang out windows, waving, that's all.

[Photo: AP]