It was a strange Valentine's Day at Greendale Community College. Troy and Abed fell in love with theme librarian and when she picked Troy (and then called Abed "weird") it was over. Nobody interrupts Troy and Abed's bromance.

Britta's been hanging out with a girl who she thinks is a lesbian because it makes her feel cool. Little does she know, this straight girl is doing the exact same thing. When they end up kissing on the dance floor and discover that they've both never kissed another girl before... let's just say it's not a happy revelation.

John Oliver returned for the episode and invited Jeff over to watch the Liverpool/Man U soccer game. Chang invites himself over and eventually spreads the word and it turns into a party. When Jeff catches Chang washing his clothes in his dishwasher, he admits his wife threw him out when she found out about Shirley.


Then of course there was Pierce's addiction to painkillers. He's getting worse and worse and even worse than his addiction? That it visualizes in the form of Andy Dick.