This week on Jersey Shore, our thespians once again find themselves in the midst of the heart-breaking tragedy that is Ron and Sam. Last night's break-up featured rage-fueled furniture breaking, revenge hook-ups and lots of running mascara.

Just when you think the break-up of Sammi and Ron has reached an apex there's another episode of them fighting. This fight is unique though! After another blow-out fight over the same exact mysterious thing, Ronnie decides to throw all of Sam's furniture on the roof to "sleep outside like the dog she is." Afterward, he stumbled toward the bathroom and sobbed over the toilet bowl over the continued ruination of his relationship. Ooh! How did this blow-out fight get started? Nobody knows but it was great!

The wise Situation puts it best: ""It's like a five car crash, it's horrible but you can't keep your eyes off it." Sammi has to get back at Ron, but what does she do? The best thing possible! She goes to club and grinds on dudes! Ronnie hates Sammi for doing this, for as he later tells her: "At least I had enough respect for you to do it when you weren't around." Aw. Best boyfriend ever. The Situation sees Ronnie staring down Sammi and her suitor and takes him back to the house, fearing another trip to the Seaside Slammer. It's when Ron gets back to the house that he really goes crazy all over Sammi's personal belongings.


And there you have it folks, the relationship of Ron and Sam has reached a tragic apex. The next day Sammi goes home, which sounds important but it's really not. On the cab ride home, when she realizes she has no discernable skills, she will tell the cab driver to turn around and take her back to Seaside because really, what else can she do?