In the latest episode of Parks and Recreation, real-life married couple Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman play toxic lovers who have just rekindled their relationship. This time, they end up in the slammer.

Throughout the season, Tom has been jealous over Ron dating his ex-wife. She decides that she had to move back to Canada to take care of her family, but before Tom found out he'd already devised a plan to bring Tammy out as his date. And so it begins.

Tammy and Ron spend a crazy night together that felt really reminiscent of...


....fellow real-life couple Will Arnett and Amy Poehler's crazy night on Arrested Development. And come on, the shopping cart? That had to be an homage to Amy's stint on the show.

The entire department held an intervention for Ron that even he chimed in with (in the form of a video tape he'd recorded just in case something like this happened.) But in the end, the spell was broken by Tammy's physical attack on the helpless Tom.


At the end of the show, NBC aired this quick little promo which stated that Andy and April had a wedding registry?! Spoilers ahoy? As you can imagine, the internet freaked out overnight.

Robert Quigley of Geekosystem had two theories:

1. NBC released a promo for the show that was supposed to be for a future episode, thus accidentally revealing a huge spoiler at the wrong time.
2. The episode that the promo aired after featured characters Ron Swanson and his ex-wife Tammy getting married during a drunken binge, and also featured character Jerry giving them a present from their wedding registry. So, instead of revealing a spoiler about April and Andy's future relationship, the NBC promo simply blundered and said the incorrect character names.

UPDATE: Going with theory #2, the show's website finally updated with Ron and Tammy's wedding registry, though it seems to simply be 11 stock photos of nothing related to the show, nor anything comedic. It seems entirely possible that NBC realized their blunder, then quickly threw a Ron and Tammy wedding registry together in an attempt to cover their tracks; however, as the above video clearly shows, both April and Andy are shown on screen when the voiceover says their names in the promo.