We don't think Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook deserve any thanks for their role in Egypt's protests—given that role consisted mainly of kicking activists off Facebook for using pseudonyms. But Wael Ghonim, the Google engineer who was kidnapped by the regime and has become the youthful face of the protests, wants to personally thank Zuckerberg:

He told CNN:

I want to meet Mark Zuckerberg one day and thank him…. I'm talking on behalf of Egypt. This revolution started online. This revolution started on Facebook. This revolution started in June 2010 when hundreds of thousands of Egyptians started collaborating content. We would post a video on Facebook that would be shared by 60,000 people on their walls within a few hours. I always said that if you want to liberate a society just give them the Internet…

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Watch out, Google: Zuckerberg is known for poaching Googlers, and Ghonim can't talk about how much he loves Facebook. Google execs better be waiting outside that meeting with a huge bag of money and plans for a social network that's even better at helping overthrow repressive dictators.

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