It might be Valentine's Day, but that's not stopping The Office from breaking our hearts. During last night's love themed episode, the departure of Michael Scott loomed even greater as he and Holly continued on their path to happily-ever-after.

Before we get to Michael, it's important to remember that Valentine's Day wasn't the only holiday being celebrated at Dunder Mifflin Saber. The employees were also getting pumped up for Darryl's birthday. Too bad they had the wrong date and were actually celebrating the death of his most beloved grandmother.

In happier news, Michael and Holly are back in love. So in love, in fact, that they can't keep their hands off each other and are disgusting the entire office. How can they be blamed? Like Holly said, Michael exudes sex, even when eating cheese balls (or should I say especially while eating cheese balls?). And did you know that he can put his legs behind his head? Regardless of his flexibility and sexual prowess, the rest of the employees aren't having it (except for Kevin, anyway). Gabe calls a meeting to address inappropriate PDAs in the office (his Valentine's Day scavenger treasure hunt for Erin is PDA-less, unless you count the affection that continues to exist between Erin and Andy). Michael and Holly eventually agree to cut it out, but, being Michael and Holly, are unable to do so without calling even more attention to themselves.


Gabe asks them whether the real reason they feel the need to be so affectionate at work is that they realize that their relationship has an expiration date. Once Toby returns as HR rep, Holly will be sent back to Nashua. Having tried and failed at a long distance relationship before, both realize that they will be unable to continue seeing each other after she leaves. This realization throws Michael into a funk. Luckily, Dwight is there to rock him like a baby and listen to his movie ideas, while Kevin dances around like a monkey (isn't that what we all need when we're down?). Eventually, Michael cheers and even comes up with a solution- he and Holly will move in together, so that they can be as affectionate as they please. Of course, nothing is determined as to where they will live. Scranton? Nashua? Will they go somewhere completely new? The only thing that is sure is that, with Steve Carell's departure from the show, it won't be on our televisions. Way to break up with us on Valentine's Day, Michael.