On last night's Archer, a hooker showed up demanding a paternity test from Archer, but the last thing the world's most important secret agent is ready for is fatherhood.

Even though the prostitute had enlisted the help of one of Archer's secret agent rivals () to ensure that nobody would screw up the results of the paternity test, Archer had a plan that entailed drugging office sex addict, Cyril Figgus, and borrowing his blood.

Once Archer readied the swapping of his blood for Cyril's, his mother had a change of heart, leading only Archer and the audience to understand who the father is, leaving the rest of ISIS in the dark (video 2).


SIDENOTE: The child was constantly referred to as "The Wee Baby Seamus" some internet searching led to this message board story of a tiny baby named Seamus that weighed less than a pound. Perhaps this was the reference?