In Sunday's New York Times, two film critics claimed mentioned only seven black Oscar winners in a piece about the scarcity of black actors who have won Academy Awards—when in reality, there were fifteen.

Guess which View host was completely omitted from the piece? You guessed it. That omission was Whoopi—what, did you think it was Sherri?—who was not at all pleased with the paper's omission. She admitted to being hurt by the omission, saying "You're supposed to be better than this, it's the New York Times." She even went so far as to bringout her actual Oscar "Just in case there was any question," and read off a list of her nominations, wins, and casually mentioned how she's one of the 12 people who've won Tracy Jordan's coveted "E.G.O.T." Elisabeth chimed in by saying that she's canceled her subscription to the Times, which is kind of a harsh reaction, don't you think?

[There was a video here]

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