Here is how the Tappers—who are quite possibly the most perfect couple in all of Washington, D.C., with a precocious, apple-cheeked baby and a home beautiful as a hotel lobby—celebrated this year's Feast of St. Valentine:

I like to imagine the romantic gesture started with a conversation like this:

Jake: Honey, you should Twitter!
Jennifer: Oh, gosh, no. Oh, no, I just couldn't.
Jake: Pleeeease?
Jennifer: Well, maybe for a special occasion...

So let us celebrate the debut of @MrsTapper. She's already stumping for her favorite causes—like raising funds for your local chapter of the Girl Scouts—with the help of doting husband @JakeTapper:

Whitest people in the world, those two. Happy Valentine's Day, you crazy kids. [Image via Home & Design's "Private Tour: At Home with Jake Tapper"]