In Bell, California—America's Crookedest Little Town—the crooks were almost too god damn crooked to be believed.

"I am looking forward to seeing you and taking all of Bell's money," then-Glendale Police Chief Randy Adams wrote in a 2009 e-mail to Asst. Bell City Administrator Angela Spaccia...Spaccia then responds to Adams with another e-mail:

"LOL ... well you can take your share of the pie ... just like us!!! We will all get fat together ... Bob [Rizzo] has an expression he likes to use on occassion ... Pigs get Fat ..... Hogs get slaughtered!!!! So long as we're not Hogs...All is well!?"

And Randy Adams never should have gotten that $475,000 per year job in the first place. LOL. Really, really pulling for you to somehow end up in jail, former police chief Randy Adams.

[LAT. Photo: AP]