We open to Rusty and Calvin planning Cal's 21st birthday party! But their plans are about to be thwarted because the C in CRU stands for Chilly tonight, and you're welcome for your first grandpa joke of the night.

As a snowstorm moves over the campus, temperatures plunge to even lower lows between Casey and Ashley. We open to the girls communicating like the rest of us: internet-stalking each other without actually exchanging words.

Rusty, meanwhile, is still trying to figure out who is mystery make-out girl was. After a few uncomfortable encounters with Ash, he starts to catch on. And then like all great detectives, he applies her make-up to figure it out. Rusty girl, that color looks great on you.

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And over in la la Law School, Casey and Evan are still miraculously taking only one class with one professor and never studying. But tonight they learn a very important law thing called, The Law School Curse. Yes, this is a real thing all students must learn before they can pass the bar and become lawyers. Well, in this class they reach the pinnacle of their education and learn about how their relationships are all about to end. But what can they do about it? It's The Law!

So everyone heads over to Rusty's for the Big Birthday Bonanza. But of course because of the snow, only the very central characters end up sticking it out. Unfortunately, no one is having fun and the wambulance (that's two!) can't get to them because the roads are closed due to snow. They run out of booze and Ashley, a bartender at Dobblers, suggests that they head over to the CRU hot spot. So off they go, a-caroling away like it's Christmas even though this should have been a Valentine's Day special.

Dobblers finds tensions running high betwixt them all: Ashley won't talk to Casey, Evan won't have sex with Rebecca, Rusty has a boner for Ashley, and everyone is afraid of the Law School Curse. Poor Cal, even on his birthday he is nothing more than a second-string character. To smooth things over, Rebecca recalls a game she used to play during her rich girl at boarding school, experimental lesbian days and suggests they play. The game is called Kiss and Tell.

So the gang plays the game. Some things we learned from this incestuous group activity include: Cal is still gay, Evan and Cappy might be, Evanescence is a bad "lover," Ashley and Rusty like to make-out, and Rebecca is single once again. I am still pulling for Rebecca and Dale to get together, but I'm a romantic. One can dream though. Evan blames Casey for the break-up, as Rebecca attended one of her Empowerment Seminars and told him she deserves better. He warns Casey that she better watch her back in law school because the "gloves are coming off." And we all know how well med school worked out for him; Casey, he's gonna Craigslist Kill you!

At the episode's conclusion, Ashley and Casey finally make amends. Balance and order have been restored to the earth and a sense of calm has ascended upon us all. Unfortunately though, Casey plays the protective older sister and warns Ashley that she better not mess with her brother. Of course things are not over between Ash and Rusty, but for now, Cougar's backing off. Tune in next week for more ruckus and romance!