Gather round, children, and listen to the terrifying tale of New York City Housing Authority employee Anthony Dingle: in his workplace of woe, poor Anthony lived in a constant state of dread, fearing the evil cackle of his shrewish supervisor. Career—or calamity? This, we tell you, is a story of the darkest depths of distress and dejection. The story of a man whose boss's voice made him puke.

Housing Authority Superintendent Anthony Dingle was so sickened by higher-up Demetrice Gadson's constant berating that he would literally vomit, according to a lawsuit...

A colleague even told him that Gadson relished in his suffering, the suit alleges, saying, "I did not know that I made men throw up" - and then laughed hysterically.

No amount of money is sufficient to compensate Anthony Dingle for his supervisor's cold and perfunctory attitude towards her role in turning his place of work into a de facto vomitorium, or for his bleeding prostate, or for the emotional trauma that will shortly follow today's publication of all these facts in the New York Post.

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