Last nights How I Met Your Mother coined a new holiday for all singles on the day that falls before February 14th—Desperation Day. It's apparently when all singles become extremely aware of their solitude and put out.

Above, Barney tells the "history" of the holiday and how it came to be.

Another theme in last night's episode was the movie Predator. It's Lily and Marshall's Valentine's Day tradition to view it, but it's also Barney's state of mind on "Desperation Day."


The reason Lily was so lonely in the days approaching V-Day is that Marshall was still at his Mom's house in Minnesota "helping her cope" with the death of his father. In reality, he's regressed to a child-like version of himself playing Dr. Mario on his gameboy constantly and shouting "Mooooooom!" every time he's hungry. Ted flees to Minnesota after feeling pressure from Zoey to provide a spectacular first Valentine's Day. Here's the moment they realize how they're truly behaving.

Marshall's not the only one who's been acting funny. Lily has taken to speaking to her body pillow that she's pretending is Marshall. It's weird.