CHET HAZE, Northwestern University's most prominent aspiring West Coast rapper who is also a son of the star of the movie Castaway, has a Valentine's Day present for all of you motherfuckers: a mixtape, of Chet Haze songs. Yea, sorry. That's all.

So listen to them, why not? The one above is called "Adios Motherfucker," and then the second one down here is called "TCB" and it's particularly poignant because Chet rhymes about how he was "Born with a silver spoon, but fuck it/ I'ma still grab ducats/ On my own, no frontin." It's the type of thing that any child of an A-list Hollywood celebrity who's tried to break into the rap game can relate to. You can check out the whole (notional) "mix tape" on Facebook. Or if you don't like that, people are still making real hip hop, too.


Get Hazed!