This week's Drag Race was all about image and the media. On any other show, this would mean learning to speak eloquently and look demure, but here it means intentional crotch shots, catfights, and wigs, wigs, wigs!

For the first challenge, the queens are asked to create a look worthy of the paparazzi and, ladyboy, do they not disappoint. Not only do we get to see bloody noses and nip slips, but Carmen Carrera even teaches us the subtle art of tucking! Because her "accidental" red carpet crotch shot is so successful, she comes away a challenge winner along with Stacey Lane Matthews.

Because of their victory, Carmen and Stacey Lane become team captains for the second challenge in which they must create a newscast consisting of two lead anchors, a weather girl, a celebrity interviewer and a gossip expert. When picking teams, no one wants India Ferrah and, once things are settled, it becomes clear as to why. Whereas the other queens are putting it all on the line, India is a total dead weight. In fact, it hardly seems as if she's even trying. In a show full of cringe worthy moments, her weather report is certainly one of the most painful.


The other team has its own hindrances. Captain Stacey Lane is failing to give off both a sense of authority and drag-worthy charisma. During their broadcast, she stumbles over reading the teleprompter (maybe it's because she's made nervous by television SUPERSTAR Debbie Matenopoulos) and leaves Ru and her team disappointed.

For panel, the drag queens are asked to come in their fiercest looks and walk the catwalk in front of joy-suck Chloe Sevigny and the ever-relevant Matenopoulos. Unsurprisingly, India and Stacey Lane find themselves in the bottom two and so commences the most civil lip sync-off in Drag Race history. Seriously, these two queens are so nice to each other, even once it's declared that India will be the one leaving the competition. Condrags to both of them for being such class (albeit slightly boring) acts.