Brad awoke his ladies at 2am for their group date: a photoshooot that will supposedly run in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition—every woman's perfect dream-date! It turned into every man's fantasy, though, when the gals took their tops off.

Brad chose Shawntel for a one-on-one date and the two had a fun time exploring downtown Anguilla. But the scene above seemed a little too familiar to me. Evidence in the next video.

"Dominoes, biatch!" So that's why it seemed so familiar—the very first episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia features Charlie owning a group of students in dominoes. I guess if your relationship is mirroring one of the funniest comedies on TV, it can't be the worst sign in the world, right?


Brad took Britt out on a one-on-one date and he decided that the sparks were not there. Here's the soul-crushing moment when he dumps her (on a date with no rose, even!) Harsh.

In the end, Brad chose Chantal over Michelle—basically because he realized how crazy and manipulative she was. Goodbye Michelle—I'm sad to see you go. The Bachelor won't be half as entertaining without you.